Update from Zion Council--Pastor Search

Posted on June 18, 2016.

If you were not in church on June 12th or 19th you may not have heard that Pastor Strohl realized that she needed more time to get ready for her surgery on Tuesday June 21st in Annapolis and announced on the weekend of the 11th and 12th that she was leaving a week early. We will miss her. Please pray for her surgery and her healing.


On June 13th Council and other interested members of the congregation met with Bishop Jones and Pastor Jacobson, one of the Bishop’s assistants. Pastor Jacobson will regularly meet with the council during the transition period. Bishop Jones will help us find temporary help whether that will be full time or part time has yet to be determined.


As far as the search goes for a new pastor, the bishop said because the church did a search not too long ago that we just needed to update our congregational profile. The profile will be put on the Zion website www.zionlutherans.com/updates  so that members may review it, or you may request a copy from the church office.


The bishop suggested a larger meeting with the congregation so that members may express their views. Before this happens please pray and discuss in smaller groups about these questions: What is the mission of Zion? What are we being called to do here? In what ways can we as God’s people help Zion to thrive? How can we work more closely with other Lutheran churches in the Indiana cluster? Options for the church include a full time pastor, a part-time pastor or a shared pastor with other congregations. The bishop described how a shared ministry works and is established. This could be with another Lutheran Church in our area or with a church from another denomination that is a communion partner with the ELCA. These partner denominations include the Episcopal Church, United Methodist, Presbyterian USA and United Church of Christ. Budget issues will also need to be examined as part of the search process. As always you may contact any member of the church council with questions.