Zion Accessibility and Renovation Project (ZARP) Financial Committee News

Posted on June 23, 2016.

At this time Zion is approaching the two-thirds point of the ZARP financial campaign. When the
campaign began the financial committee sought $530,000 in pledges from the congregation to fund the project.
The balance as of April 30, 2016 is $302,668 less expenses of $65,863.00 leaving $236,805.00 on hand.

The Parking Lot was completed prior to the November, 2015 Congregational Meeting. Signs have been installed designating the entrance, exit, Staff and Pastor parking.
How Do I Get Into Zion's Parking Lot??
There are two ways to enter the Parking Lot

1. Traveling west on Church Street, Turn Left on Carpenter Avenue (alleyway at Greystone Presbyterian Church) then turn left just after the yellow poles and drive straight past the Greystone parking areas, into the Zion park-ing area.

2. Alternatively, from Philadelphia Street, turn right on Carpenter Avenue at the Coney restaurant, crossing Church Street then a left at the yellow posts.

Do Not use School Street, as this would have you going thru actual Greystone parking areas, which are not part of the "private alley" access that has been agreed upon.

Social Hall Heating & Air Conditioning
Requests for Proposals were issued to provide for the installation of heating and air condition-ing equipment for the Social Hall / Sunday School Class Rooms. Bids are being solicited from five vendors. Bids are due on or before July 1, 2016. It is expected that construction will begin in mid-July, being complete mid-August.

---- Handicap Accessible Restrooms ----
---- Chair Lift / Miscellaneous ----
The bid packages for this portion of the project are currently being developed by our Archi-tect. The Building Permit has already been approved by Indiana Borough. It is expected that bids will be solicited from 4-5 Contractors. Work is expected to begin August 1, 2016, with pri-ority being given to areas that impact Zion’s Nursery School.

---------- Available Funds ----------
As of May 31, 2016, approximately $275,500 is available for all ZARP Construction. An update from the Capital Campaign Committee is expected in July, 2016.

Steve Higgins
Clerk of the Works